Mike, It's been a privilege having you as an Eddy Rando judge in the past and we are incredibly excited to have someone of your caliber back leading our team of judges. Can you give newcomers to the event a bit of history about your career in the bicycle industry?

I started working in bike shops in the late 70's, I owned Bicycle Classics inc. from the early 1990's through 2002.  During that period, I co-organized the Larz Anderson Bicycle Show in Brookline MA and published the Vintage Racing Bicycle Newsletter.  In 2007 I had a relapse into the bike biz when I purchased the rights to the Rene Herse name from Lily Herse and enlisted framebuilding legend Mark Nobilette to produce Rene Herse bicycles in Colorado.  I subsequently sold Rene Herse to Jan Heine (Compass Bicycles), and then shifted focus back to vintage lightweight bicycles and parts.  Along the way, I produced the Colorado Custom and Vintage Bicycle Expo.  Most recently, I became organizer/promoter of Classic Bicycles Auburn which is a vintage lightweight show held at the prestigious Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn Indiana. 


Can you tell us a little bit about what makes the Eddy Rando Steel Classic so special?

It's a crazy amount of fun in amazing Colorado!  Great riding and great bikes, but more importantly it's all about getting together with great people who share a common love of bicycles. Plus, the event appeals to fans of both racing and rando bikes.  I love the inclusiveness! 


We know you have judged the Eddy Rando in the past, can you tell us what excites you about the new Eddy Rando Concours d'Elegance Categories this year?

Categories focused on era rather than other more rigid definitions such as refinished vs unrestored, means the judging will be a less constrained by formality and driven more by passion.  It will be great for both participants and the judges!  


Who is your favorite builder of all time?

That's tough - I have a bias towards Rene Herse.  But at the same time I'm currently on a W.B Hurlow kick.  And then there are the rando bike builders such as Reyhand who predated Herse.  And then there is Camille Daudon who wasn't as prolific as Herse but who produced bicycles of unequaled elegance.  And let's not forget about Cinelli - I just can't commit.

Who is your favorite cyclist of all time? 

Might this must be a trick question to see if I'm really up to the task of being part of the event?  Eddy Merckx of course!  


What does your steel stable look like and what is your favorite bike to ride?

Oh my, I collect clusters of bikes.  There are the Rene Herse's and related builders, I have a stable of Raleighs (for nostalgia) some Masi's (and related Confente's), Cinelli's, and some W. B. Hurlows.  I'm also on a Motobecane kick as they ride crazy nice and are silly inexpensive.  In fact, one of my favorite rides is a Motobecane Grand Record. 


Any words on Kirk Webster the founder and patron of the Eddy Rando Steel Classic?

He's the man!  Through his amazing hard work and great personality, he created a club that is perhaps unique in the country.  And he founded this great event.  We all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.


Any final thoughts?

Please be sure to thank Kirk, Doc Hansen, and the current Eddy Rando organizing committee  who've all helped to develop and maintain the vibrancy and relevance of the Eddy Rando.  And remember as other's have said about similar events, we all come for the rides and the bikes, but what makes the event something to cherish are the people and friends we connect with.  Oh - and please - be sure to sign up and register your bike(s) early - it will really help the organizers and judges.  

Again, really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the Eddy Rando each year. Thanks for making it even better moving forward!