About the Eddy Rando

The History

The Eddy Rando started in June 2015 as a group ride on classic steel bikes, with a lunch awards party hosted by Kirk and Sally Webster of Creekside Bikes. The original venue was at the Creekside Bikes location, with a ride proceeding down the Cherry Creek Path and into The Pinery. The event was promoted word of mouth throughout the local tight knit vintage cycling community, with sign-up at Kirk's shop.

Kirk and Sally hosted the Eddy Rando for the first several years.  There was a missed year due to the pandemic, and then the Eddy was hosted for two years by the Creekside Steel Cycling Club.  June 12, 2022 marked the seventh edition, with rides of 60 miles, mostly on gravel, and 30 and 20 miles on roads and paths.  There were over 100 vintage and modern steel bikes on display at the Concours.

The Name

"Randonée" ("Rando" for short) is a French term, meaning a long ramble in the countryside by bicycle. Eddy Merckx is often regarded as the greatest professional road cyclist of all time, with 525 career victories from 1965 to 1978. So the "Eddy Rando" is a vintage steel bicycle ride and show, in the countryside, paying homage to the great Eddy Merckx.

The Venue

In 2021 after a one year break, the event moved to the Bayou Gulch Regional Park to accommodate increased participation with a larger bike show. This facility provides covered seating areas and a large, flat sports field that is perfect for showcasing our unique bicycles. The location provides great access to the rolling countryside of the Pinery and eastern Douglas County.

The Format

Only steel bikes are permitted for entry into the Eddy Rando. Machines may be vintage or modern. Carbon forks have always been allowed, but the main frame must be steel. As bicycles - even steel bicycles - evolve, requirements like toe clips or rim brakes have been relaxed, however there are awards for riding with vintage equipment on the gravel ride (The Randonée Héroïque.)

In 2021 the show portion of the event was renamed the Concours d'Elegance Eddy Rando, in the spirit of the great French Concours d’Elegance. Bicycle judging categories are announced prior to each event and may change from year to year. Beyond awards for bikes, Kirk presents a special Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of a lifetime contribution to our local and regional cycling community.