Here are the routes for the 2023 Eddy Rando Steel Classic and Randonée Héroïque. We have done our best to incorporate feedback from prior years, while considering traffic volumes and rider safety to ensure a great classic riding experience.

The Longer Route

Course Facts: Just over 30 miles with approximately 2,300' of climbing on good quality paved surfaces.

A solid 30 miles, and being Colorado you know there's going to be some climbing involved even down here in the flatlands. The maximum grade you will encounter on this route is 7-8%, with sustained climbs over 5-6%.

The route will start by heading north out of the park with a short warmup through South Pinery before turning right onto the first rolling climb (the Dragon's Back). At the end of Democrat road, the route turns right onto Flintwood and shortly after reaches the course high point before a long gradual descent. After a short stint on Bayou Gulch, riders will turn into the new rural Two Bridges development and be greeted with fantastic views of Pikes Peak and the front range. Pradera follows, and this years course takes a more winding route through the golf course. The subsequent Crowfoot descent will then feed riders via some newly constructed roads before arriving back in the Pinery for the final (optional) KOM climb.



The Shorter Route

Course Facts: 20 miles with 1,000' of climbing on paved roads and a paved multi-use trail.

This is the classic 'Eddy Rando bike path' ride - some variation of which has been used in every Eddy Rando Steel Classic since inception. For those looking for a more relaxed pace with less distance and climbing, this is your go-to ride. Perfect for those on vintage steel seeking some camaraderie with friends while taking in the scenery along the southern end of the Cherry Creek Trail. Don't be fooled into thinking it's all calm waters, however. The bulk of the elevation gain arrives in a single block at the end of the route as you climb back through the Pinery to the finish line. Maximum grades on the final 3 mile climb are around 7%.

The Randonée Héroïque

Course Facts: A little over 100km with 4,000' of climbing on a mix of paved and unpaved surfaces, including crushed asphalt, gravel, and graded dirt!

Enjoy the calm start to this ride as you meander down the paved multi-use Cherry Creek trail, because things will soon get rowdy! This route presents spectacular, remote countryside - beginning with Castlewood Canyon - and has a little something for everyone. You'll encounter just about every surface possible (even a little sand), and a maximum gradient over 12%. Oh yes, you will be challenged! Staying on course is easy if you have the route loaded into your computer, but there will be no course markers and a wrong turn could add significant distance to your ride. Enjoy the sights, but pay attention to what your route computer is telling you and don't blindly follow the guy or gal next to you.

Riders tend to underestimate the amount of water they will need for the Randonée Héroïque. One bottle is not enough! Two bottles may be marginal depending on the temperatures. There is a single, well-stocked aid station at the mid-point of the course but no other services anywhere along the route. Wide tires (28mm+) are highly recommended, but you may be fine on narrower rubber depending on your skill level. Have no fear, this is not a mountain bike ride!

We will have a ride leader and sweeper on this route, but you should expect to be self-sufficient with a spare tube/tubular and multi-tool.