The Eddy Rando Concours d'Elegance provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the timeless elegance, craftsmanship, and the artistry of two-wheeled marvels from a largely bygone era. Beyond the bicycles themselves, the Eddy Rando Concours d'Elegance is a gathering of kindred spirits, where enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs converge to share their stories, knowledge, and appreciation for these remarkable machines. Engage in lively conversations, exchange insights, and revel in the camaraderie that unites us all in our love for these exquisite bikes.

Each participant who has signed up for the Eddy Rando can register up to three bikes total for judging and/or peoples choice award consideration. Upon registration on Bikereg, a survey link will be provided to register your bicycle(s) for the show.

For the 2023 event, participants must complete the survey by May 28th to register bicycles for the Concours. No registration for the Concours will be possible on event day (or after May 28).



Here are the judging categories for the Concours d'Elegance:

1 - Anquetil and Earlier

Jaques Anquetil was the picture of elegance, as were the bikes of his era (50's and 60's). For this category, think of classic design and timeless elegance. This category is also open to any bikes that pre-date this period.



2 - The Cannibal is King 

Merckx was The Cannibal. He was the best there ever was, and these are the bikes that defined his era. Think Nuovo Record, Cinelli Unicanitor, 5-speed freewheels, top tube cable clamps, etc.



3 - Beware of The Badger

Bernard Hinault was known as The Badger. He ruled his era of cycling with an iron fist and old-school French philosophies. For this category, think of the quintessential 1980s racing bike... Super Record, Simplex Retrofriction shifters, 6-speed freewheels, Turbo saddles, anodized rims, etc.



4 - LeMond vs Fignon 

If you know bike racing, you know the story. But this era was also when cycling started moving towards modernism, and things started getting wacky. Think C-Record, Delta brakes, early clipless pedals, Mavic Starfish cranks, non-aero brake cables, Dura Ace 7400, etc.



5 - Future Classic

Grunge music was born, flannel was the shirt of choice, and Chiapucci, Bugno, and Indurain dominated cycling. For this era, think STI vs Ergopower, the birth of dual-pivot brakes, etc.



6 - Modern Iron 

Completely open to any modern steel bike. What is modern? We’ll leave that up to you! Disc brakes are welcome, electronic shifting is welcome, heck even neo-retro fits the bill, just make sure that the frame is steel! 



7 - Best Tribute Bike

How much of a bike fan are you? Any bike built as a tribute to a famous cyclist or race is welcome in this category.


In addition to awards for the above categories, your bike(s) will also be eligible for the following awards:

Best in show
The ultimate Eddy Rando award for the best bike at the event.

People's Choice 
The people will vote, and the most votes will win!

Best American Bike
Awarded to the best bike with an American-built frame. 

Best Italian Bike 
La più bella bicicletta Italiana

Best Eddy Merckx 
It's the Eddy Rando after all, and the coolest Merckx in attendance deserves some kudos! 

Fine print:

  • Bikes must be delivered to the pre-staging area by 11:00 am. From there, the concours concierges will move all the bikes into the judging area with utmost care.
  • Participants must supply their own bike stand. Please note that the Eddy Rando staff will not provide bike stands.
  • It's a fun event; we all want to drool and enjoy beautiful bikes, but there is not a rainbow jersey on the line! The judge's decisions are final, and there will be no appeals on any judging decisions.