Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter my modern steel bike in the event?

Yes! Both modern and vintage steel bikes are welcome in the Concours d'Elegance and the road routes. However, it is strongly encouraged to ride a vintage bike in the Randonnée Héroïque and recognition will be given to those specifically riding bicycles with downtube shifters and toeclips.

Can I enter a non-steel bike in the event?

The Eddy Rando is primarily a celebration of cycling in the vintage steel tradition, and thus we only allow steel bicycles entry into the Concours d'Elegance. We do recognize there are vintage aluminum and titanium bikes which are an important part of the cycling heritage, so please reach out to us if you have such a bike that you would like to put on display at the event. Non-steel bikes are permitted on all the rides!

Can my child participate in the Eddy Rando?

Young people are welcome at the Eddy Rando, but must be accompanied by a parent if riding on the road routes. The Randonnée Héroïque course has unpaved sections and steep climbs that are unsuitable for children. Additionally, we ask that young children be under close supervision around the bicycles on display in the Concours d'Elegance.

How many rest stops are along the routes?

Rest stop configuration will be determined once the routes are finalized, but typically the short and long route will have at least one rest stop, with two if we are able to work it into the course configuration. The Randonnée Héroïque always has a single rest stop, so riders are encouraged to be self-sufficient and carry plenty of water to get them to the midpoint stop.

How difficult is the long route?

The long route is only 30 miles, however there is some climbing with maximum grades of around 7-8%. Most of the climbs are relatively short, however or have brief flats and descents where you can catch your breath. We would characterize it as rolling terrain, but if you are not used to riding at elevation and on a bike with extremely tall gearing, you will find it a worthy challenge.

How difficult is the Randonnée Héroïque?

It's not trivial! If you've completed an Eroica ride, you'll enjoy the Randonnée Héroïque. If you lack experience on longer gravel routes, this is going to be a challenge. The route experiences 4,000' feet of vertical gain, all of it over 6,000' above sea-level, with a high point of approximately 7,300' above sea-level.

Are there sag wagons on the ride?

There are no sag wagons or support vehicles on the various rides. You should be able to fix tire flats or any minor mechanical issues that arise. Other participants and ride leaders may try to help where possible.

How many bikes can I enter in the Concours d'Elegance?

You may enter up to three bikes into the Concours d'Elegance for judging. You are welcome to display additional bikes, but only the three of your choosing will be eligible for awards.

Are lunch and refreshments provided?

Yes! Lunch and refreshments are included in the price of entry.