Greetings all! 

As you can see, the updated website is now published. This felt like no small accomplishment given everyones busy schedules, but the winter presents a bit of downtime from outdoor cycling which allowed us to get this wrapped up.

The Eddy Rando Planning Committee will be meeting later this month (December) to discuss upcoming activities around planning for the 2023 ER. We typically submit permitting applications in the new year, and as part of that we will need to include routes for approval. Matt and I will start scouting the routes in the new year, as the weather allows. We've listened to feedback received over the past few years and expect to have one of the routes venture further out into the countryside beyond the Pinery. We have to balance the desire to experience longer and more scenic routes with considerations of safety for large groups of cyclists on public roads. I'm confident we can plan a route that checks all the boxes.


James F.